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Many companies come to BridgeView with extremely complex reputation management issues which they often believe are beyond repair. These severe matters can, in some cases, require multiple professional resources to properly combat the entire scope of a tarnished image. In these circumstances, BridgeView offers a more in-depth reputation management technique to determine the most effective process to quickly combat negative impressions on many fronts.

Our additional consulting involves deep analysis of existing Internet reputation concerns and provides insight into online content which could have a future negative impact on our work. The more in-depth process often requires the help of a legal team to overcome the difficulties. BridgeView works with several partner legal firms to help when legal expertise is required to improve our client’s online reputation.

Our team of expert online reputation management consultants will discuss various options with you, which include customized reputation management plans, as well as  specialized consulting-based services proven to fix your online reputation.

Leverage PR to generate leads and website traffic

Media Relations is a pillar discipline for edoc partners. Our experienced team of analyst relations specialists and press relations specialists offer decades of corporate and agency experience.

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Internet reputation management is essential in today’s digital marketplace. No matter how efficiently you run your enterprise, several negative posts from anonymous sources, could jeopardize future sales. To generate positive reviews and manage complaints, BridgeView’s internal team of online reputation management experts has created a an affordable reputation management process that we are proud to say, “has been 100% successful in improving online ratings for our clients over the past five years.”

BridgeView knows how to improve your online reputation and has created a four-step process: Analyze, Engage, Displace, Evaluate & Move Forward.

As a reputation management agency, our campaigns are designed to combat current online reviews or listings that are causing online reputation problems, and we buttress them with a management plan that will address any possible, future threats to your personal or brand’s digital image.

Step 1: Analyze

In the Analyzing Stage, our team assesses your current online persona to determine which complaints or posts are most damaging, as well as provide evidence which supports counterclaims and refutes or “calls into question” all the negative statements we find. We then make an aggressive push to generate positive reviews and statements to give you or a company/brand’s positive image more “weight” in search engine rankings. Finally, we design a strategic campaign which helps positively redefine your image to any individual consuming relative, online content about you or your organization.

Step 2: Engagement

In Step 2, our online reputation management specialists combat negative statements by crafting and placing positive content that search engines deem as current and relevant. We refer to this as our Engagement Stage. Our team will design a reputation defender campaign that will act as a suppressant agent to the negative reviews or complaints. Additionally, BridgeView will implement response scenarios, so that the client is trained to effectively respond to any future, negative content placed on the web.

Step 3: Displacement

Once the Engagement Plan is implemented, we attack the damaging listings in our Displacement Stage, by pushing the “negative” results off the first page of an organic search. This reputation repair technique is accomplished with the use of very pointed SEO reputation management tactics. The net result is more positive content ranking on the first page and the displacement of negative posts onto page two, three or four and beyond, where very few--if any--will find them.

Step 4: Evaluating and Moving Forward

The final part of our online reputation management campaign is to thoroughly evaluate the impact of our newly created, positive persona i.e. the Evaluation Stage. At this stage we find out whether or not the campaign repositioned our client as reputable, trustworthy and relevant. This repolished digital image is the success criteria BridgeView holds itself against. Once success has been validated, our team makes a final and complete scrub to tag any remaining, negative posts to ensure they don’t gather momentum to become potential first page content placements. After Step 4 completion, our clients will have the positive, online content to rebuild any Internet reputation.

Connect with key industry analysts to enhance visibility and brand positioning

A successful analyst relations strategy is guaranteed to enhance the visibility and notoriety of your company's products and services. Industry analysts are among the most important group of influencers among potential customers as well as the media.

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Study after study reveals that more than 90% of individuals conducting online searches are swayed by product reviews and make their decisions or impressions based on first page search engine results. More than one negative placement on the first page result, will greatly influence the reader’s image of a company’s brand, product or even an individual’s Internet reputation. Fake news or real news it doesn't matter! In today’s digital world, “you are what the Internet says you are!”  Right, wrong or indifferent, it all goes into creating an instant SEO reputation that carries significant weight when making decisions based on Internet search results. We help our customers polish their online personas to magnify the positive content and sink the negative placements via proven digital combat techniques such as:

  • Online Reputation Crisis Response
  • Strategic PR Reputation Repair
  • Reputation Defender & Brand Preservation

Even if you’re not constantly paying attention to your online reputation, you can bet that your friends and family are; and if you are a business owner--you can bet that any potential clients are reading the same negative content and building a less than favorable image of you. So how do you improve your online reputation?

For this reason, BridgeView provides the most comprehensive and effective reputation management strategies to assist businesses and individuals with controlling and managing their online reputation.  Our clients range from executives at small start-up organizations to internationally-recognized entrepreneurs. And every one of our clients have had their Internet reputations restored and images polished--thanks to our Online Reputation Management Services.

The process begins with a detailed analysis that outlines the current sentiment and existing rankings, related to your brand or personal name. The Online Reputation Report measures the strength negative listings have regarding content rankings (story placements) and calculates the probabilities for effectively suppressing those listings far below more favorable content jousting for search engine positioning.

Once we analyze the Perspective Profile Report, BridgeView builds a comprehensive strategy which outlines the steps needed for replacing negative connotations with positive and newsworthy content. The relevant and current, positive content will change the tone of your online persona reputation because your colleagues, customers and family members will not see the now suppressed, negative materials due to our efforts.  

At BridgeView, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide our clients with a professional reputation management strategy that fits their individual needs. No two clients are alike, therefore no two strategies can be the same. This individualized approach enables us to provide clients with a tailored plan that is right for them--not the generic template approach that most companies claim as personalized campaign.

In addition to providing strategies that will restore your online reputation, BridgeView also offers an extremely targeted online reputation monitoring service that continues to watch your personal or brand’s online sentiment and immediately addresses any concerns. This proactive monitoring approach gives our clients comfort in knowing that their online persona is constantly being checked for damaging statements.


Announce your news with press releases and public relations


Whether you are planning an event, announcing new staff or rolling out innovative new products or services, we can work with your team to develop a press release campaign with online PR or traditional publicist services.

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