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Marketing communications to build brand awareness and generate leads

In business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketing, the most important goal of marketing communications is to create campaigns that generate leads.

A fundamental Marketing and Communications Plan can be the key to positioning your business for upcoming years. Companies of all sizes benefit from an integrated marketing communications strategy to lead and support their sales efforts.

A successful plan comprises a balanced mix of tactics that work in concert with your business’s sales and outreach strategy. The plan may include a mix of marketing collateral, educational tools, public relations, web pages, webinars, advertising, speaking engagements, event marketing, social media and more.

With every plan, we strive to appeal to your target audiences by building on your brand’s core elements and emphasizing attributes such as success, superior customer service, or commitment to a positive, relationship-focused experience.

Our marketing communications services are designed to drive lead-generation and include:

Build—and keep—the momentum going with creative launch campaigns

We help companies of all types and sizes launch new products and services using an integrated marketing communications strategy that’s focused on your business’s specific goals.

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Tell your story with expert business copywriting and proofreading services

With decades of experience as professional business copywriters, we know how important it is to thoroughly understand your business—from top to bottom.

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Impact your bottom line with communications collateral that works

Car companies and real estate agencies seem to have beautiful marketing collateral—but do those expensive pieces truly communicate their stories? Do they drive prospective customers to take action? Do they convert into measurable sales?

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Bring your story to life with professional copyediting services

As an established marketing and communications agency, we deliver a full range of copywriting, copyediting and proofreading services.

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Establish market credibility and generate leads with case studies

Innovative and creative marketing is more important than ever in a shaky economic climate. One of the best strategies for moving your brand from intriguing concept to household name is case studies.

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Targeted HTML emails for marketing products and services

Despite the enormous amount of attention that spam has created in our business environment, email marketing is still a valid and profitable way to communicate with your existing customers.

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